Monthly translation of medical guidelines into five languages for a French insurance firm

  • 70,000 words on average
  • English into French, Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese
  • Standard turnaround

The challenge: Accustomed to handling legal, financial and corporate communications requests for this client, we were surprised to receive a translation request in a rather unusual field for us: medical. As a general rule, we don’t normally accept projects that fall outside our areas of specialisation. This project therefore presented certain risks for us, however the fact that the request was for multiple languages, was of substantial size and initiated by one of our key clients encouraged us to reconsider: so we decided to jump aboard for this nine-month-long adventure!

The solution: We didn’t go rushing head first into this project, nor without a safety net, as the client first needed to be confident in our ability to manage medical documents. These require terminological accuracy and complete understanding of the illnesses and technology discussed, not to mention a clear and fluid writing style. The client therefore asked us to complete a test, which we passed with flying colours. To achieve this, we called upon a select number of reliable translation providers, who – although they were more costly and weighed on our profit margin – were experienced enough to help us rise to the challenge brilliantly, in all five languages requested by the client. Completed over several months, with new texts to translate every 3-4 weeks, we had to guarantee the long-term availability of the same teams for each language combination. The use of CAT tools (computer assisted translation software) was also a great help in enabling us to harmonise the project over a number of months.

Client benefit: By rising to the challenges set by our client for this medical project, we managed to once again provide them with the satisfaction they have come to expect, and to strengthen the continued trust they place in us. What’s more, this client has recently contacted us about a follow-up to this project!